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Your clients are your team’s number one priority, and Connect gives you the digital tools to help them sell and find their dream home.

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Take messaging to the next level

“The HomeSpotter app has been a game changer for me. It's so capable that I've completely abandoned taking my iPad around with me. This is the best app to assist clients with their search because of it's messaging feature. Scheduling showings on the fly is great too!“

— Gary Thomas II, Realty Group Inc.

Equip your clients with knowledge

Centralize your conversations

“The HomeSpotter App has been a huge asset for our clients and has made communication in real time possible. Our client sends us a text that they would like to see a home and we can set up the appointment within 30 seconds or less of receiving their text, Game Changing App for our clients and our Team!”

— Todd Harrington - Exit Lakes Realty Premier Agent

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