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When it comes to providing great web ads for your real estate agents, you want a solution that saves you time and that generates tangible results. There are several approaches to choose from out there. See how Boost by HomeSpotter differs from Adwerx Enterprise so you can make the right choice for your agents and your brand.

Ad platforms and types

Both Boost by HomeSpotter and Adwerx Enterprise allow real estate organizations to automate the creation of listing based ads for Facebook, Instagram and high traffic websites and apps. Agents benefit from having a solution in place to greatly simplify ad creation, get notifications and to review campaign results. Brands use these platforms to increase agent satisfaction and to assist in generating interests in their listings.

Boost by HomeSpotter was created for real estate brokerages in 2016. Adwerx provides ads individual agents in the real estate, mortgage, insurance and financial planning industries and added their brokerage automation product in 2018.

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Listing ad automation

At its core, a listing ad automation solution needs to create effective web ads and display them online. Using data feeds, ads can be automatically created that feature listing details, the listing agent and brokerage branding.

Adwerx Enterprise automates ad creations for a variety of franchise industries, including real estate. They focus on generating a volume of ad impressions by devoting a majority of campaign budgets to programmatic display ad networks.

Boost by HomeSpotter can also create listing ads in a variety of formats based on the business rules set by the broker. A higher amount of each campaign’s budget is spent on social channels like Facebook and Instagram, where users are more likely to interact through clicks, comments and shares.

Automated ad types offered
Boost by HomeSpotter
Adwerx Enterprise
Just listed, open house, price reduced, and just sold
Optimized ad templates per listing type
Single image ad format
Video ad format
Platforms available
Boost by HomeSpotter
Adwerx Enterprise
Facebook and Instagram
High traffic websites
Smartphone apps
TV commercials
“I recently sold a listing to someone who attended the open house because they saw my Facebook ad!”
— Gayle Satcher, Realtor John R. Wood Properties
Boost by HomeSpotter
Adwerx Enterprise
“We found the launch of our partnership with HomeSpotter to be one of the easiest we've had in a while. Their customer service team is honest, friendly and most importantly flexible.”
— Kathryn Redican Vice President of Operations, BHHS New England

Enterprise customization

Adwerx Enterprise and Boost by HomeSpotter take different approaches when it comes to program customization. For clients that don’t require a high level of personalization, Adwerx Enterprise can offer a solution right off the shelf.

In contrast, Boost by HomeSpotter offers flexibility to brokers that want to configure their experience. Brokerages can choose from a host of options during program set up and HomeSpotter has a history of honoring out of the box requests to meet customer needs.

Program customization
Boost by HomeSpotter
Adwerx Enterprise
Default ad templates available
Option to use different ad creative and budget per property price tier
Brokers can select budget allocation amount to social versus the web
Facebook and Instagram ads come from the broker’s page
Brokers decide which listings to auto promote and which to prompt agents about
Configurable agent notification settings
Custom access and permission roles for agents, admin, corporate office and more
Brokers decide listing source feed
Single sign on (SSO) ready
Real estate CRM integrations
Brokers dictate lead routing rules
“We chose Boost to handle our digital ads because it offered more ways to impress sellers and because of our previous relationship with HomeSpotter. We keep asking them for personal touches that are right for our brand and they keep on delivering.”
— Jim Newell Vice President of Marketing Carpenter Realtors

Campaign features and agent empowerment

A successful automation program will go beyond simply publishing ads to include extra tools that agents need to succeed. By providing additional features the service provider can help the brokerage avoid additional development work and support.

Both tools offer agents the opportunity to engage their seller along the way, which is an important point of value for agents. Boost by HomeSpotter includes a variety of notifications to keep agents tuned into campaigns and engaged, which are configurable by the brokerage

Campaign features
Boost by HomeSpotter
Adwerx Enterprise
Ad targeting created per property
Use first party data in targeting via custom uploads
Use first party data in targeting via website pixel
Include open house registrations in ad targeting
Listing landing pages for lead capture provided
Seller targeting
Seller reports
Remarketing option
Option to create Lead Form campaigns for Facebook and Instagram
Agent empowerment
Boost by HomeSpotter
Adwerx Enterprise
Comment notifications
Moderate and reply to comments from email
Agents can override location targeting settings
Agents can select their own Facebook and Instagram pages
Results dashboard for agents


Listing ad automation can be a powerful way for brands to add value to agents and to help them succeed in digital advertising. Boost by HomeSpotter is a highly configurable solution for brokerages that want to maintain control over their brand and who need a product that’s tailored to their unique structure.

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